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Vitamin B12

You’ve heard of vitamin B12 before, but why is it so important and why do we use it in conjunction with our IV vitamin therapy package to make our patients feel better?

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a vitamin that has numerous roles throughout our body. (You can read more about Vitamin B12 from the National Library of Medicine here.) It plays a role in the production of energy at a cellular level. It is also vital for DNA synthesis and helps with muscle development. What makes B12 so crucial, however, is that no animal (including humans) can produce it. We must get all of our vitamin B12 from our diet and let’s be honest, most of our diets aren’t based on raw fruits and vegetables. Luckily there are things you can do to help make up for some of those dietary shortcomings.

Hydrelief offers vitamin B12 shots as part of our approach to improving the lack of energy that a significant number of people feel every day. It’s why we consume 146 billion cups of coffee as a nation every year. It’s also why we gobble down Red Bulls and 5 Hour Energies as well. Vitamin B12 shots are a great way to deliver that energy without needing to drink all of the coffee and Red Bull.

When you get a vitamin B12 shot, the difference is noticeable and felt nearly immediately. You don’t feel “jittery” or “wired” like you might if you have had too much caffeine. Another benefit of a vitamin B12 shot is that there isn’t a “crash” associated with it either. The way we like to describe it to people is that you will feel focused and energized for 3-5 days with the benefit of being able to sleep (won’t keep you up at night) and no crash as your body metabolizes the vitamin.

Hydrelief provides vitamin B12 shots to our patients for $20. They can be purchased a la carte or can be added to any IV vitamin therapy package that doesn’t already include it. We also love to do corporate visits to get entire offices boosted as well as provide IV drips to individuals. The biggest difference between us and our competitors (other than our low price) is that we are entirely mobile and we will come directly to you. We think any kind of treatment is better when it comes to you.

Dr. Elsbecker