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couple receiving IV drip therapy

What Is a Hangover?

A hangover is often the result of drinking too much alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you will suffer from a hangover the following day. While there’s no magic cure for a hangover, Hydrelief offers a handful of premier solutions. Hangover symptoms can include fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, dry mouth, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, sensitivity to light or sound, dizziness, shakiness, decreased concentration, rapid heartbeat, and more.

IV Drip Therapies for Hangovers

We offer Basic, Standard, Premium, and Professional hangover IV therapy solutions. Below, we’ve gone into detail about each of our premier hangover therapies:

Basic Hangover IV Therapy


This IV drip package is designed to treat hangovers with mild symptoms. Starting with an IV drip of 1,000 milliliters (ml) of fluid to treat dehydration, this package also includes Ketorolac to treat your headache or Ondansetron to treat your nausea. We hope we can get your day back on track by using this IV drip treatment. Hydrelief can treat you at any residence or hotel in the Austin, Texas area.

Basic Hangover IV Drip Ingredients:

  • 1,000 ml of IV fluids and electrolytes (treats dehydration)
  • Ketorolac (treats headaches) or Ondansetron (treats nausea)
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Standard Hangover IV Therapy


This is an upgraded IV drip package designed to treat hangovers with moderate-to-severe symptoms. The Standard Hangover IV Therapy package takes advantage of both Ketorolac and Ondansetron to treat your headache and nausea, along with our regular 1,000 ml of fluid to help treat dehydration.

Standard Hangover IV Drip Ingredients:

  • 1,000 ml of IV fluids and electrolytes (treats dehydration)
  • Ketorolac (treats headaches)
  • Ondansetron (treats nausea)
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Premium Hangover IV Therapy


This premium drip package is designed to treat hangovers with severe symptoms. This IV drip includes Ketorolac, Ondansetron, and 1,000ml of fluid to treat headaches, nausea, and dehydration. Additionally, we have also added Famotidine to help treat the heartburn you might be feeling the morning after a long night out. This IV drip is topped off with essential vitamins, including Vitamin C and Vitamin B12.

Premium Hangover IV Drip Ingredients:

  • 1,000 ml of IV fluids and electrolytes (treats dehydration)
  • Ketorolac (treats headaches)
  • Ondansetron (treats nausea)
  • Famotidine (treats heartburn)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

Professional Hangover IV Therapy


The total arsenal of treatments was assembled for the Professional Hangover IV Therapy package. This package is designed to treat hangovers with the harshest symptoms. In this IV drip, we will treat dehydration with IV fluids. This package also includes Ketorolac, Ondansetron, and Famotidine to treat your headache, nausea, and heartburn. Essential vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, are included in our Super B Booster Shot, which contains Vitamin B1, B3, B5, and B6. The biggest boost with this package comes from the addition of IV Caffeine to help you bounce back from the worst hangovers. This IV drip package is our best effort to reduce symptoms from even the harshest hangovers. Like with all our hangover packages, Hydrelief can treat you with this package in-home.

Professional Hangover IV Drip Ingredients:

  • ​1,000 ml of IV fluids and electrolytes (treats dehydration)
  • Ketorolac (treats headaches)
  • Ondansetron (treats nausea)
  • Famotidine (treats heartburn)
  • ​IV Caffeine
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Super B Booster Shot
  • Potassium​
  • Thiamine
  • Niacin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Vitamin B6

Custom-Made Infusions

Price Varies

Don't see a package that fits your needs?

​​That's okay! Our infusions are custom-made to each client's needs. Just tell us what you are feeling and let us do the rest. Select any or all of our vitamins and medications from the list below and we will make a custom infusion right in front of you!

IV Fluids: $150

This is the start of your custom infusion! Our specially formulated fluids are used to help push the vitamins and medications to the right areas of the body!

Medications: $25-$75 each

  • Ketorolac (pain reliever): $25
  • Zofran (anti-nausea): $25
  • Famotidine (acid reducer): $25
  • Caffeine (headache reliever and energy booster): $75​​

Vitamins and Minerals: $20-50 each

  • Vitamin C (immune booster): $25-$50
  • B-Complex (energy booster): $35
  • Infuvite, Vitamins A-K (general health and wellness): $50
  • Zinc (antiviral immune booster): $25
  • Glutathione (powerful antioxidant): $35
  • B-12 (energy booster and weight-loss shot): $20
  • Magnesium (an important mineral that your body often lacks): $25

Vitamin Booster Shots: $20-35each

  • Vitamin B12 Shot - $20: Try it for yourself and see why athletes, celebrities, and weekend warriors all use vitamin B12 shots as a way to power through. Boost your energy before a long work week or a fun weekend in Austin! Vitamin B12 shots can be added to any package that doesn't already include it.
  • Super B Booster Shot - $35: Get a boost of energy to tackle your week without the crash associated with caffeine-based energy drinks or coffee. Super B Booster Shots can be added to any package that doesn't already include it.

Appointments canceled less than 24hrs prior to scheduled appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee.

Group Discounts and Bulk Purchase

Price Varies

Hyrdelief is now offering group discounts and discounts on bulk purchase infusions. Below is a ​list of those discounts.

Group Discounts

Group infusions are categorized as a group in one location during the same appointment time. Must ask for the discount during your infusion in order for it to be applied.

  • 3+ infusions = 10% off each infusion
  • 6+ infusions = 15% off each infusion
  • 10+ infusions = 20% each infusion

Bulk Pricing

Bulk purchases are the cheaper option for those that want to have multiple infusions over a certain period of time and save a little money! Infusions are offered no more than once every 5 days without special approval from our medical director.*

  • 5+ infusions = Up To $75 off the total
  • 10+ infusions = Up To $225 off the total
  • 20+ infusions = Up To $625 off the total

*Bulk purchases are non-refundable.

Contact Us Today for the Best Hangover Cures

If you live in or around Austin, TX, and are suffering from a hangover, get in touch with the professionals at Hydrelief today. We have various therapy packages that are extremely useful with curing hangovers, whether they are mild or severe. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a session.

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