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Thanks to our friends at Do512 for the complete guide on how to prevent the wicked festival hangovers that can sometimes make an appearance at events like SXSW.  

The Hydrelief team has definitely been earning their festival merit badges and we are excited to be present this year at the 2017 SXSW here in Austin, TX for multiple events.  We know how draining events can be between jet lag, long nights, and sometimes an extra drink or two.  You only get to enjoy SXSW once a year, so we don’t want anyone losing a day to feeling anything less than 100%.

Check out the complete article from our friends at Do512 here on how to handle the hangovers for 2017 SXSW and we’ll have a post later this week highlight a couple of the events will be at throughout the week.

Don’t forget this is a big week and appointments book up quickly, so let us know in advance if you think we could help you, your event teams, or your artists and guests throughout the weekend.